Ionic Push not working from using iOS production profile

Hi, I’m trying to get Push Notifications to work from using the Production profile.

As for now, I’ve already:

  • Created both Development and Distribution certs from scratch from Apple Developer Portal
  • Reloaded the certs in my machine using Xcode (and fixing signing issues from xcode)
  • Exported the .p12 certs and uploaded them to platform
  • Set my app push config to production mode (just in case) and dev_push = false.
  • Built using --release from terminal
  • Built using Xcode and selecting Release build in build options

And I’ve tried:

  • Sending push with APNS-Tool using the production certs and it works.
  • Sending push from using production profile and it doesn’t work.
  • Sending push using API using production profile and it doesn’t work.
  • Sending push using and API using development profile and it works.

I’m going crazy with this and starting to think it’s a platform issue, as it works using APNS-Tool.

Can anyone give me a hand?

Hey Alejandro,

I had the same problem as you. You should test it with Ad Hoc installation, which behaves same like it’s on App Store. You should create Ad Hoc Provisioning Profile on Apple Developer Center with specifying the devices you would like to distribute your app for.


Just in case this is happening to anyone else, these are the steps I followed in order to get my app working.

  • Create an Apple Distribution certificate in your Apple Developer Account.
  • Download and install it to in your computer.
  • On Xcode:
  • Go To Product -> Scheme -> Edit Scheme
    • In “Run” and “Archive” choose “Release” as “Build Configuration”
  • Next to the Run button choose “Generic Device”
  • Then go to Build Settings, and in “Code Signing Identity” select:
    • Debug -> iOS Developer
      • Any iOS SDK -> iPhone Developer: “Your name and Apple Developer ID”
    • Release -> IOS Developer
      • Any iOS SDK -> iPhone Distribution: “Your name and Apple Developer ID”)
  • On your project:
  • Make sure you have well configured and that your tokens are being registered
  • In
  • Make sure you load your iPhone Distribution in your distribution profile.
  • Make sure you are using your distribution profile while sending push.
  • Uninstall the app from your phone
  • Open terminal in your ionic project path and run: ionic build ios --release
  • In Finder go to platforms->ios and open your xcode project again.
  • Choose your phone as target and press RUN
  • Everything should be working as expected and you should receive push notifications!
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THANK YOU!!! works with production api cert now. brilliant.

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Great! You’re welcome :slight_smile:

When you say, make sure you are using your distribution profile while sending push.
Does that mean you have to delete the dev profile or do something from the terminal ?
I can’t get the push to work on the TestFlight app before sending it to review.