Ionic push notification iOS

Hello guys.

Im following this link:

to do some push notifications. With Android I had no problems. But ios is giving me headache.

Also following this link:

Im sure my certificate is ok.
Or at least almost sure, since I need to create a .pem file while Ionic ask for the .p12 file.
Anyway, I tried uploading both in without success.

But I was able to send and retrive the notification with houston

So, it is some mess in my Ionic project.
I tried ionic config dev_push true / false.
none work in real device.

Im sending this for testing, via postman:

“tokens”: [“mytoken”],
“profile”: “myprofile”,
“notification”: {
“title”: “Hello”,
“message”: “How are you?”,
“style”: “inbox”,
“android”: {
“data”: {
“title”: “aasd”,
“message”: “asaaasddd”,
“notId”: 3.21
“ios”: {
“data”: {
“title”: “Hello ios”,
“message”: “aasdasdasd”,
“notId”: 3
"$state": “app.config”

In my initial controller I got the token for the device. but still no notification.

Any idea what can I check or missing?


thats all that i got

“meta”: {
“version”: “2.0.0-beta.0”,
“request_id”: “2e6c7063-95bc-46bd-8e32-cf07f15ec21a”,
“status”: 200
“data”: [
“token”: {
“token”: my_device_token,
“type”: “ios”,
“id”: “af766dacbc3c194c2eb9d01ffbefca77”,
“valid”: true,
“invalidated”: null,
“created”: “2016-07-29T16:41:56.417256+00:00”,
“app_id”: “249a564f”
“notification”: “09e7d8b0-a6e7-4bd2-ae6e-25dbbc1a9fe0”,
“user_id”: null,
“uuid”: “4666ee13-c594-4424-a6bf-b6daa1b62b71”,
“status”: “error”,
“created”: “2016-07-29T20:43:39.751375+00:00”

no matter how many times I loop in certificate creation its is always the same…

why Ionic reject the same certificate that is accepted for others?

After thousands of certificates generated.
With dev and prod and changing and exchanging it…

I found the trick.

Most of people, like me, uses a dev certificate for ios, because of license price.
Well, for iOS dev push its needed a dev security profile in

would be nice to have it in docs. I lost a day doing again and again the config page for ios and googling things.

thx the attention anyway.

Hi @agrofelgf, I am facing same problem. Can you help me?