Issues with IOS push notifications

Hi Guys, hopefully someone can help me here before I go grey with stress!

Basically I am trying to get push notifications working on IOS. I have them working fine on android (also stressful), however IOS has just been a minefield.

I had it at one point working when I ran it with ionic however when I went to run it through Xcode it didn’t work, what it turned out to be was I had the old push plugin in there along side the new one, this was an issue I ran into with android however it didn’t mind having the plugin sitting there along side the new one apparently.

So yeah what I did was I removed the old plugin and did a reset to reinstall the plugins and now I am back to square one, when I click the button that triggers my push registration it just doesn’t do anything… literally nothing not even an error message where I would have had an error before.

Has anyone else been having problems with push notifications and IOS? I have been at this for days now and the time Iv spent trying to get push notifications working in iOS surpasses the time I spent building the actual app!.

I have gone through the docs word for word and cannot get anything regardless of the push notifications being set to dev mode or not.

So yeah would appreciate anyone’s input.

Thanks guys

Ah feck it was not even a problem with the push notification stuff, was some other code breaking it… I need a break!