Ionic Push for IOS (no longer working?)

I have been successfully using ionic native push in an app for the last two months, I am aware this service is going to cease to run as of January 2018 however all of a sudden Push Notifications are no longer working for any of my IOS devices, has anyone else experienced this?

I can no longer log into to check certificates or anything to rectify the issue.

I will be migrating over to firebase but this will take some time, would be nice to still have push notifications working until January when I should be ready to make the switch.

Because of the lack of communication, Ionic team keeps doing hard service stop. For me, it was the ionic database that stopped with no warning (just one week or two before the end) this spring. Be prepared, and have backups of all you do in the meantime.

Why can’t you login on any more?

@FrancoisIonic Database was a beta service that was not even launched. Shutdown was still communicated. I don’t expect Ionic to just shut down any production services that real users are using.

I can log in but none of my apps that I had created are there anymore, I know they still exist as Android is still sending push notifications, IOS has stopped completely, I havnt changed anything in XCode and verified the push notifications is enabled, all my ARN certs are fairly new so none of these should have expired, I have verified in my app that tokens are present and being sent (like i say still works for android) so all I can guess is there is potentially a problem with the service

Apologies I have found my apps again and the certificates all seem to be ok, however I am now back to the drawing board as I have no idea why push notifications have all of sudden stopped on IOS. I am currently at work so will post my build etc when I get home.

Best also contact support at
What is happening inside the backend we can’t possibly debug.

ok so it seems by re creating the certificate and re uploading has helped. problem I have now is all my ios devices in use have registered tokens against the old profile, when i do a new device everything is ok but the old devices pre registered have invalid tokens and i cannit find a way to refresh them with the new profile or create new ones with subscribe. Anyone know how to do that?