Animations have become very erratic in page view transitions


I have noticed a new transition/animation issue occurring in new and existing apps that worked fine for a year.

The page animation is occasionally jumping left and right as I go from a child record back to a list view. Sometimes it doesn’t even make it back to the intended view and I get stuck because I am in a child view that has no “back” button.

It happens often enough that I have had to disable animations completely.

Is it possible to explicitly code the transitions and navigation, rather than relying on Ionic to do its magic? I feel like I know what I want and would rather trust myself than the randomness.


In which platforms you are having this issue?


I should have mentioned that I am seeing this mostly on my iPhone 6 with iOS 9.02. Perhaps the new OS is playing its role here? It also happens in the iPhone simulator on my Mac.

It doesn’t happen in any of the browsers when I’m testing with “ionic serve”.

It’s definitely a new issue that coincided with updating the latest ionic version and iOS 9. The animations appear to overlay each other from either side and with semi-transparency


Fixed, using the recommended patch discussed here:

I guess I should learn to read instructions and bulletins a bit more. I’m coding several projects, full stack, so it’s easy to miss things at times (that’s my excuse, ha).