Navigation Popping during an animated transition

I’ve been having a bit of an issue with some animated transitions between views in my Ionic application. I’ve got a main (Home) controller and a secondary (Content) controller. I can transition from Home -> Content easily, and hitting the back button (using the Ion-Nav view hierarchy) works, but sometimes the animation going back from Content -> Home is a bit off.

It’s hard to explain, but I’ll try to explain the behaviour using pictures. Normally, the views transition exactly like you’d expect from an IOS styled navigation control. The Content screen slides to the right and the Home screen slides neatly into view.
When the busted animation occurs, the Content screen jerks to the left, before then moving to the right while the Home screen slides into view normally, as you’d expect.
I end up in the right spot, but the jerky movement of the Content screen being dismissed is extremely noticeable and looks a bit unprofessional. It doesn’t occur regularly enough that I can easily capture the transition, but it occurs often enough that it’s a big of an issue for us.

Has anyone else encountered an issue like this before, or possibly have some idea where I could search for a solution? It’s been very hard to try and google this issue, as I’m having troubles putting into words exactly what is happening, so it’s hard to find people with similar problems.