Ionic iPhone 6 iOS 8, glitch before transitoin


I’ve built an app which is showing a glitch when transitioning between pages.

I’m using the latest version of ionic.

I’m using the tab app as a starting point.

As a test, I just created a new app using

ionic start testingApp tabs
ionic platform add ios
ionic build ios

And I’m deploying to iPhone 6, iOS 8.

When you navigate between views (not tabs) it looks like the existing page starts to render, before the new page comes in, before the new page comes over the top. It makes the previous page content jump/flash and is quite bad.

This doesn’t happen on iPhone 4 iOS 7 or iPhone 5 iOS 8 , it seems to just be on iPhone 6 iOS 8?

Can anyone point me in the right direction for how to fix this? As it can be seen on your base example app install I presume this is quite a major issue?

I’m in a bit of a hurry to launch a new app next week, so it would be great to get some input on this?

Any idea if it could be something to do with ios 8 point releases? ie 8.1.1 vs 8.1.2 etc?

Hmm, just tried to out on an iphone6 using the tabs app as well, but couldn’t get the same effect. Could you provide any code or screenshots/video?

Here you go -

You can see it just as I pick an item from the list, a short flash / glitch.

Let me know if I can do anything else to help?

@mhartington Have you got any thoughts on this at all? Can you see the issue, and does it happen for you?

Thanks in advance.

Hmm, I haven’t seen this issue at all. What version of cordova are you using?

cordova -v

Also, what version of cordova-ios is that?

ionic platform ls

Just tested the sample tabs app on an iphone6 with ios8 and it worked fine for me. What version of ionic is that with as well?

It was




I’ll try updating both now,

Sadly that didn’t work, the issue is still there, Ionic is - 1.0.0-rc.2

I just rebuilt a fresh tabs app, still there,

About to try updating iOS to 8.3

Ha, iOS 8.3 solved it!

Thanks for your help!

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I have similar issue but on iPad Air. We are noticing overlapping screen during navigation / transition (please review attached video taken in slo-mo). During the transition, the new screen starts loading and before it completes transition, we see a section of previous screen for a brief period. This issue doesn’t occur on older devices which are slower. Also, it is more visible in landscape resolution when screen width is more. We tried on different versions of iOS including latest 8.3. We are running Cordova 4.3 and Ionic RC4.

Video link.

Also there was a flash black screen between transition but it was resolved by following css.

[nav-view-transition][nav-view-direction] {
background-color: transparent;

Hello Guys,
I’m also facing this starnge issue on iPhone6s .
Screens are getting stacked.
This app works perfectly on Android

We’re seeing similar glitches (iPhone 5s, ios 9.1 build 13B143, cordova 5.4.1, ionic 1.7.8).

Given this seems to be a recurring issue does anyone have tips for debugging?

I have the same problem … do you find an answer ?