Navigating jumps back


Sometimes ionic jumps back to the previous page after a moment on the desired page.


Also having this problem since updating to 1.1.0. Only on iOS 8 and 9, both the simulator and device. Works fine on Android and when browser testing.

The second page will load, slide in and out rapidly, then end up back on the first page. It seems to work fine if you try again.


Yeah but I cant have this bug it looks bad for a user. have you seen any methods about how to fix this?


Agreed. I have not seen any fixes nor any other acknowledgment of the issue. I thought maybe it had something to do with the flood of “10 $digest() iterations reached” messages I get on every state change, but I can’t say conclusively.

Will report back if I can figure anything out.


Why cant IOS work like android. Not one issue on android. I thought it may be because I was trying to populate the page with data before the state had changed successfully. So I added a delay on each controller and my testers said the bug happens less frequently but still happens.


OK, after 3 hours, I figured out what was happening. For whatever reason, the list of checkboxes that I had on this form was causing it. I changed it from a manual div > label > input etc, to the ion-checkbox directive.

Yes, that was really it.

I noticed the directive changes the output from div > label to label > div, and also adds a bunch of classes, one of which is “disable-pointer-events” to the input container and item-content container.

@Duovili, I hope this also works for you. That was a lot of pain.


I added the IOS 9 webview path and it solved all of my problems.