Funky / Buggy iOS Navigation and Screen Transition Animations

:wave: Hello my friends,

I am wresting with some funky page transition animation bug that seems to happen on iOS platform only.

Please see video of the problem here.

To replicate the issue:

  1. Clone this repo.
  2. Run the application on iOS simulator.
  3. On Welcome page click “Sign In”
  4. On Sign In page click “Sign In” again.
    << BUG happens here, between the Sign In screen and transition to Dashboard Tabs >>
  5. You land on the application dashboard.

Why does the page transition animation not happen? I suspect this might be something to do with the way my routing is wired up but i fail to spot where. :thinking:

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I have also found another strange piece of behaviour related to navigation animations. Again i think this has something to deal with wiring up these routes, i must be missing something trivial :thinking:

To replicate this issue

  1. from Dashboard screen, click on any of the “crypto coins”
  2. Click Buy or Exchange
  3. Click Complete TX
  4. You are redirected back to dashboard page.
    << bug happens now, the page jitters a few times, looks like the back animation is confused or something >>

Please see vide of this issue here.

I’m facing the same issue. iOS transition animation is totally messed. :frowning_face:

Hi there,

This seems Bouncing issue,

Try below solution

Radheshyam kumar