Angular Google Maps vs Ionic Native Google Maps?

Angular Google Maps vs Ionic Native Google Maps ?
Which one do you think is better on Ionic?

It is depends on your skill level and your app purpose.
If you want to create your app for browser, android, and ios, just use JS API.
If you want to create your app for Android and iOS only, I recommend to use the native maps api.

By the way, the native maps API does not have the maps usage API limit (aka 2,500 times /day),
and it can display 3D rendering.

However, if you are the first time programming with Google Maps API, try the JS API at first.

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I don’t need browser feature this time.
I’ve been using Google Maps yes… let me try both and see which one is faster.

I don’t enforce which one is suitable for you. You can pick one for your skill level. Please take enough time before starting.

The biggest different point is the mechanism of rendering.

The Google Maps JavaScript API v3 (the angular-google-maps is a wrapper of this library) loads map tiles from Google Server through the Internet.
Basically, 256px x 256px x N tiles.

The native Google Maps API has own rendering engine, thus the native API gets only information, it is less than the above.

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Thanks for your response. I’m into faster performance so let me figure out which one works better for my app.
In terms of size, I guess Native Google Maps will make APK file size bigger when installed?

Application file size becomes bigger than the other one which use the JS API.

Well, as I said, it is depends on your purpose.

If you just want to display couple of locations on the map, I recommend you use the JS API.
You can create the map soon, and file size is small.

If you need more performance, such as mapping bunch of locations, I recommend you use the native maps plugin.
You can see the quick demo app.

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I need to show hundreds of locations dynamically so In my case it’s best to go with native maps.


@jamesharvey @tonystark007

If you want to know what you can do with the native maps plugin, check out here.

If you wan to know what you can do with the JS api, check out here.


The presentation slide show is perfect! thanks again

can native maps plugin display distance between two markers? the slideshow doesn’t have this info…
and can it allow users to change start marker?

Some utils to help you calculate distance:


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If you want to know the distance from A to B, use Sperical.computeDistanceBetween()

If you want to draw the route from A to B, you need to get the route through the Google Directions API, then draw it.

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And, D3 supports GeoJSON:

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Perfect, I’m going with native plugin. Thank you guys!

The native Google Maps API has mostly the same functionally with the JS API, and mostly the same method names.

There are bunch of examples on the official document page, please check out examples.

And demo app.

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how can the blue dot showing current location of the user can be added.