Google map using at ionic2

Hello! I’m trying to using google map at ionic2.

At using this, I considering performance about map. so I worrying about selecting techniques.

I find two techniques. one is using javascript google map, another is using ionic native.

finding about performance of which techniques, I thought native is better (commonly it can be understand)

and I used both of them.

but, I couldn’t see the better performance. (sometime it makes lower quality)

at this point I think some point

  1. bad android device (android 4.2.2, LG gflex which I bought 2 years ago)

  2. bad code (which i found, attached under here)

    import {Component} from ‘@angular/core’;
    import {NavController, Platform} from ‘ionic-angular’;
    import {GoogleMap, GoogleMapsAnimation, GoogleMapsEvent, GoogleMapsLatLng, Geolocation, GoogleMapsMarkerOptions, GoogleMapsMarker, CameraPosition} from ‘ionic-native’;
    import {Http} from ‘@angular/http’;

selector: ‘page-home’,
templateUrl: ‘home.html’

export class HomePage {

map: GoogleMap;
url: any;

constructor(public navCtrl: NavController, private platform: Platform, public http:Http) {
// platform.ready().then(() => {
// });

let location: GoogleMapsLatLng = new GoogleMapsLatLng(37.284869, 127.045237); = new GoogleMap('map', {
}); => {
    // create CameraPosition
    let position: CameraPosition = {
      target: location,
      zoom: 18,
      tilt: 30

    // move the map's camera to position;

    // create new marker
    let markerOptions: GoogleMapsMarkerOptions = {
      position: location,
      title: 'abc'
      .then((marker: GoogleMapsMarker) => {


can I make better performance with witch of one? and what’s the better?

Android 4.2.2 and the LG G Flex are ancient - the device was introduced 2013.