Improving performance of google maps?

Anyone worked with google maps inside Cordova + Angular before? The performance seems mediocre. on the same device performs really well, is there any tuning that needs to be performed when using google maps inside a Cordova app?

I’m using the plugin

I have a feeling it’s the plugin overhead, as I’ve used Google Maps with custom directives in Ionic before with no issues. I guess it depends on what you’re trying to do as well.

How does it perform if you just embed a map in your project and build with Cordova?

EDIT: Thinking about it now, there was a noticeable speed difference on Android < 4.4 using the Google Maps Javascript API. Looks like there is a plugin: that lets you use the Android API. Never used it before, but in theory should offer some improved performance.

I just tried with the very basic simple google map example and it is similar in performance. My map is slightly slower, but not significant enough to convince me to re-write the directive for this project. It looks like it performs poorer when you are zoomed in on cities.

Are you able to get similar performance to
I tried loading the map into a clone of the angularjs seed project and it seems to perform with similar speed. Removing it from angularjs altogether produces a slick feel like

This is all on a nexus 4 I should mention, not sure how the iphone handles this.

Interesting, I’ll look into this and report back on the performance, thanks

Yeah I’d be interested to know if you see any difference. Not having really used the mobile web version of I guess I didn’t really notice the performance hit, but I see what you mean.

Quick question, does anybody notice a really slow transition between 2 views when a map i displayed on the second view? (the map take the full content of the view).

I am using that library, but I think it is gonna be the same thing without.

Do you guys have any tips to improve the performance regarding to google maps?


Hi, I know this is an old topic, but for those who are still having trouble with Ionic’s slow performance with Google Maps, I managed too improve the transition between pages by adding the Maps to the DOM only after “enter” transition is done and removing it before the “leave” transition.


$scope.$on('$ionicView.afterEnter', function () {
    vm.showMap = true;
$scope.$on('$ionicView.beforeLeave', function () {
    vm.showMap = false;


    <ui-gmap-google-map  ng-if="vm.showMap"></ui-gmap-google-map>

I don’t say it’s the best solution, but I think it’s a good workaround. I didn’t found any place where they say Ionic fixed their performance issues with Google Maps…


Thank you, after implementing this, it is’t so laggy when switching views.

However, when i enter the view, i cannot scroll for about 3-4 secs ( time when map is loading). It’s like, when the map is loading, it blocks the rest of the app. Very bad UX, looks like the app froze