Google maps native plugin vs javascript sdk

I’m designing an ionic app that will heavily use google maps. Now as the javascript sdk uses an api call each time you move the map its not really feasible. So the ionic google maps native plugin looks like the best way to go, plus the performance is a factor. However, I’m a little confused on the differences particularly in the development process.

What are the differences in the way you use javascript to interact with google maps, i.e. are the methods the same and how would the code differ exactly? I’m new to google maps, should I look at javascript tutorials or native ios/android ones?

Lastly, can the native plugin do the following?

-Locally store the surrounding area
-Change map styling



Start here. Josh has a number of articles on implementing google maps with both Native and Web

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So, Which one is faster reliable and flexible for mobile Apps,for iOS and Android in same time?

I answered the question as the author of the native google-maps plugin.
I’m expert of Google Maps APIs (GDE for Google Maps APIs).

The answer is that “depends on your level”.

Here is the compare table. (more details is here)

compair Google Maps JS v3 native google-maps plugin
Support by Google by community or me
Features much less than Google Maps JS v3 (street view is not ready yet)
Performance Slow Faster
3D view not available available
Offline not available available (but only you displayed area)
Platform browser on any platform Android and iOS only
Coding easy easy but kind of difficiult than Google Maps JS v3
Map styling supported supported
Local store the surrounding area not supported not supported

Local store the surrounding area is covered by Places API.

I design the native google maps plugin is similar with Google Maps JavaScript API v3.
So, if you are really newbie for Google Maps JavaScript API v3, I recommend you try to start with Google Maps JavaScript API v3.
(i.e. You have never used Google Maps JavaScript API v3)

If you are familiar with Google Maps JavaScript API v3, I recommend you try to use the native google maps plugin.

I don’t recommend to use the native google maps plugin for really newbie.
Because even the native plugin wraps features in JS side safely, you still treat with native Google Maps APIs. It means you should have little knowledge for native side.


I am wondering if using the native google-maps will be counted as Mobile Native Dynamic Maps as per


@wf9a5m75 would you mind sharing some light on that

Which would be likely to have superior performance for an app that makes many frequent map api calls? Specifically, my plan is to make an app that uses a marker as an animated sprite which would involve setting and moving the marker icon 10+ times per second. I’m also quite open to the suggestion that this is a terrible way to implement what I’m trying to do and I should be using a canvas on top of the map or something… it just makes coding it very easy. Would love to hear some thoughts/opinions.

If you prefer “easy programming”, I recommend you use Google Maps JavaScript v3.

If you prefer “offline map”, or “rendering performance” etc … , I recommend you use Ionic-native/google-maps.

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