Maps with ionic

I want to make travel app and I need map.
Problem is that google maps javascript api slows down app very, very much…
Can anyone recommend other maps engine that is much faster than google maps?
I found but in order to use it You have to use eclise and java-android tools. Not just HTML5+Ionic.

There is which i’ve added into an application that im currently working on

I kno that - but it is still google maps with lots of nested dom elements:/
Would have the same performance issues.

Have you seen the showcase page for ionic apps?

There’s a map app in there with a nice non-google (it seems non-google at least) map. You could always send the guy who made it an email and see what he used.

Another option is Mapquests Mapping API. I’ve never used it before so I can’t tell you how it performs

For a big list of Map Api’s, I found this article which gives you several alternative to Google Maps

I use Leaflet with angular-leaflet-directive.
In my app, it’s quite faster than google maps (not “much fuster” as a native implementation).

Another plugin similar to the one you mentioned is MapKit but I never used it.

Hmm Mapkit looks good as it uses the native map. I’ve never heard of it before, thanks for pointing it out.

i am having some challanges with leaflet because I am using multiple maps in my application, did you run into any issues?


No, I’m sorry. I’ve only one map in my app.

I wanted to have two google maps on two different screens and I passed. It was all sooo slow.
I think maps are too complicated DOM structure to render it with phonegap.

I did get it to work, take a look at the post I made, there is a link to a codepen that is functional with a map on two different tabs