Angular 1.4.2 current stable


As of July 6, 2015 ‘nebular-readjustment’ is the current stable version of AngularJS. We want to share code between our Ionic and desktop apps. The 1.0.1 ‘Vanadium Vaquita’ Iionic.bundle.js references Angular 1.3.13 which raises concern about adoption of 1.4 features (primarily related to forms). Do you have an ETA for using Angular 1.4? If not, are there any cautions for using Angular 1.4.2 or should we stick with Angular 1.3.13 which I assume to be the last ‘tested with’ version.

Thank you for such an exciting product!


This is discussed in this post.
Support for AngularJS 1.4 is planned for Ionic 1.1 (no ETA yet).