AngularJS is Ionic


Hi, what is the min requried version of AngularJS that will allow Ionic to work at it’s full potential?


Look here:

there your can switch between ionic releases and take a look at the different components.
So choose a version >=1.0.0 and take a look at the angular.js file

for the last release:
1.4.3 is included and stable.

for ionic 1.0.0
angularjs 1.3.13 is used

So for now a AngularJS-Version 1.3.x should be fine.

But you should test it!


Thanks for your answer! It was very helpful.

I also have one more question. I am working on a hybrid application in Ionic. I am doing it together with a friend who is creating a website in bootstrap and we are sharing our controllers and services. We are using right now Angular 1.4. However we want to support older browsers so the Angular used for website must be switched to 1.2. Now I am wondering if I can still work on my Angular 1.4 while he use 1.2 and still share controllers and services. Is angular 1.4 backward compatible with 1.2?


if you are using the basic angularjs features it should work.

But in 1.4 are some new and additional features you do not have in 1.2
If the new ionic does not work with them --> everything is fine.