Android 2.3 & Opera



I am new to ionic and very impressed by this nice framework.

My question is, if I test my Page or the samples in Android 4.2 Stock Browser everything works.
But if I try it with Android 2.3 or the Opera Browser on Android 4.2 nothing works :frowning:

Is this a general Problem? If yes, will there be compatibility anytime soon??




Hey @falco953. Right now our goal is to target whatever native Web View will be used on the platforms we support. So, if you are on Android < 4.1 or using a different browser than the one the Web View uses (or one close to it, like desktop chrome or safari), then we don’t have support for it, unfortunately.

Since the goal of Ionic is to first make great hybrid native apps, we are only supporting those browsers. We also don’t support old Android versions because Ionic is an aggressive future-forward framework and those phones are not powerful enough for what we want to do and where we see the devices headed.



Hi max,

Same as Falco953: I’m new and impressed. I have an app that’s currently implemented with PhoneGap/JQM but has the usual performance problems (button lags, sluggish lists on old phones), and hence I’m looking for a replacement. Ionic looks so very promising at first sight - based on sass, nice and contemporary look & feel, lots of very cool icons etc., but lacking support for about 50% of Andoid phones (decreasing, of course) sadly renders it unusable for my project until it covers at least about 80-90% of the market.

So, even if this is kind of a “me too” posting, I strongly suggest to review the supported range of Android versions and perhaps include at least ICS if technically feasible, which would give (at the time of writing this posting) about 75%.

Cheers & good luck, R.