Android version support

Hi. Why Ionic supports only Android 4.2 and higher? It is only 15% of all Android versions ( - starting from 4.0 would give 72%.

Hey Lukas,

We are doing it mainly because we are looking ahead to the future where Jellybean and beyond will be the main Android platforms. The reality is a lot of older Android devices just don’t run HTML5 apps that well, are more difficult to target, and there are other solutions that work better for those (like jQuery Mobile).

However, I wonder if we could move back to 4.1 since that would give us ~51% of the total Android marketshare which seems like a good number to start with.

I just don’t have any 4.1 devices around, unfortunately, but we’d love some testing!

Hi guys, where are we at this point in time with Android support. Does anyone know what kind of figures we’re looking at today?

Up to date Android usage figures:

I believe Jorre is asking about Ionic’s support of Android versions. It’s good to have updated info.