Android lower than 4.1 support

I just have apply this awesome framework to my web app project. After I found it can not run on part android devices, I read the document in github and known android devices lower than 4.1 are not supported. I just have a question why this framework doesn’t and not plan to support android 4.0 or lower? It is because of angularjs or ionic?
Thanks in advance.

Can you clarify us what does not work in a web application on android version 4.0 and lower. thank you.

Hey @wanxsb. The Android device support is more due to the fact that we want to do a lot of animations and “native-syle” touch interactions. The reality is that older Android devices just don’t handle this well, and we aren’t interested in doing any kind of progressive enhancement.

We are okay with that though, since there are a lot of other solutions out there that are better for older devices, like jQuery Mobile. We are building Ionic for the future as devices get more powerful.

That being said, our Android support needs work anyways, so I hope Ionic will be usable on older Android devices, it’s just that we probably won’t be testing or targeting them.