An example for a simple searching app and show details

hello everyone. im new in coding (not just in ionic). infact i’m a wordpress developer so i don’t understand coding very well.
i want to build an app with 2 pages (or one page and one component):
1- first i want to show a list with a searchbar. this list should show from a json file (/assets/data/menu.json).
2- when user click on a list’s item, he will go to the details page (or component) and he will see the informations about that item. the details page should show special data for each item. this data should given from the same json file( /assets/data/menu.json). just this.

please give me a ready project or just tell me what codes should write in the “” and “” and … . cause i’m new in coding and i just need to know what codes i have to place in what files.
i know its a simple app but there is no tutorial (from scratch) to build an app like this.

here is my json file:

    "menuItems": [ {
      "id": "1",
      "car": "bmw",
      "model": "z4",
      "speed": "250 k/s"
      "id": "2",
      "car": "benz",
      "model": "sls",
      "speed": "300 k/s"
      "id": "3",
      "car": "ford",
      "model": "shelby",
      "speed": "290 k/s"
    } ]

now i want to show the “car name” as my list item. and the other things should show in Details page. i mean when user clicked on ford, then he should go to a page or component and see the model and speed of that car. there is 1000 car in my json.
please tell me an complete example or a ready ionic project lick this or write the whole code in each file. i realy need help.
help me please . thank you