How do I Create Master-Detail app with a JSON file?


I have a Hymn Book which i wont to make into an app. i want to list page to list out the items drawn from the json file and the detail page shows all the stanzas as it is in the json file. Kindly help, i have tried so many methods online that did not work. thanks


What exactly didn’t work? Look at the ionic conference app for some example code.


Thanks for the reply. I have downloaded it and tried to modify it. But discover allot of unnecessary pages such that when i finally created the app it was about 30mb. So i want a simple understanding of what they did, this will help me to build from scratch.


Play with the app, find a view that matches roughly what you need, look at the code used to generated that view. Copy what this view does.

(In general: Get all your data in an array, output an ion-list with your master information, click handler on the ion-item that gets the detail object as parameter, detail page that displays this object. Done)