Help to build a simple app?


Hi everyone,

First, thanks for all the good work. It’s a pleasure to see that the community is growing so fast!

I want to build a straightforward app : a list of categories, that contains items, that link to a description for each item.

  • Categories could be for example : Starter, Main Dish, Dessert, etc.
  • In each of these categories there could be recipes : Chocolate Cake,
    Tiramisu, Crumble, etc
  • And then there would be a full description of each recipe.

Here’s the mockup of the app. I’m a beginner and I can’t get this going although it seems very basic. Could some experienced developer give me a template of the code ? I’m sure it would take just a few minutes. Thanks in advance !!!



Read this. Ionic builds a todo list project for you, which is basically what you’re looking to do.


Also these two tutorials may help: