List Item Click show Detail in another HTML Page in ionic

i have a listing item.i want to show listing page details into another html page using ionic can i do that ?

What do you mean by this?

@AaronSterling i have a list item like

Details of A : Dummy text.

i want when i click on A showing the details of A into the another html page.

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This has no meaning. An ion-list is made up of ion-items. Do you have an array, and you want to display the array on more than one page?


this is my list item .i want to do that.when i clicked on arif tower .redirect to another page and showing the details of arif tower.

The conference app does exactly this with the schedule and session details pages.

@rapropos Thank you.

(Or any tutorial for a todo app or anything similar out there, to be honest…)