Adding Native UI Controls

I would like to create a plugin for Windows that will let us do real time OCR from a video stream similar to this post:
In order for this to work, I believe I would need to use the native CaptureElement UI control. Is there anyway that I can add a native UI control to a hybrid screen from a Cordova plugin? Or even create a full screen that that only contains native controls/code that can be called from a hybrid screen?

I know I could use the CameraCaptureUI control that is used in the Cordova-Media-Capture plugin but with that control I cannot automatically start/stop the video stream and I am forced to show a preview once the stream is completed therefore it really does not meet our needs.

While my particular question is related to Windows, overall I would like to know how this can be done for iOS or Android as well. I did come across Project ACE that Microsoft started: however it appears they only got iOS and Android working before they stopped supporting it. I also found Tabris.js: but it also only supports iOS and Android. I am not a Cordova expert, so I am having trouble figuring out how these projects do what they do.

Please let me know if you have any advice or suggestions. Links to any reading material about how the backend of Ionic and Cordova work would be appreciated as well.