Ionic video recording autostart

I am building Ionic App that records users video with device camera. I implemented Video Capture Plus but I am missing autostart recording option. User still has to press ‘record’ button in native camera app.

Anyone knows how to autostart recording in native camera app? I can’t find any cordova plugin that do this.

It’s disabled in a lot of modern browsers. I believe it is forbidden completely by iOS. So if you’re on an Apple device, that’s probably what’s happening. Bottom line: if you’re doing hybrid programming, don’t use the autostart flag. It will work in some platforms, but not others, and you’ll have inconsistent performance.

thanks for the answer. That’s not a good news :(. I understand the risk for apps to capture recording autmatically but what I want to achive is that user presses a button on ionic page and the native recording starts with 10 seconds delay - that way I avoid user being close to the phone when pressing record button at the begining of the video. Any tips?