Is it possible that show camera screen only in special place


I am going to create to capture video app using Ionic framework.
I am going to use media capture plugin for capture video.
When I use media capture plugin, can I control the camera screen size?
When I capture video, the app screen fill full of native camera screen.
I want to handle that screen like following picture.
In other words, I want to show the header bar, when I capture video.

Is it possible?


Does the library you want to use support any parameters for defining the size or how to “embed” it into the app that is using it? These native plugin mostly define their UI themselves.


I didn’t use any library.
I just used media capture plugin and the picture is made by myself.
I want to get the result that shows like above picture.

In fact, I have to combine the function of capturing video and the function of selecting video from gallery.
At first I thought I would add a button on the camera screen to select a video from gallery.
This is very difficult because I have to modify both the android and ios version code of plugin.
So when I capture video, I want to show header part of capture page and I add a button to select a video from the gallery like Instagram.
When I capture video, is it possible that display header part of the page?