MediaCapture: More control options to auto-start recording and auto-return?

I’m trying to build an “Interview” app which allows a user to record video answers to various questions but my client is very particular about the UI he wants. Unfortunately, when I start recording video with mediaCapture.captureVideo, it starts the native video capture app and the UI varies greatly from one OS to the other, especially when you finish recording. One UI will display the buttons “Retry” and “Save” while another will display “Discard” and “Ok”.

  1. Is there a way, after pressing “Stop” while recording video, to go straight back to the app with a fileURI so I could display my own custom buttons over the playback?

  2. Is there a way to have more control over the MediaCapture so that I could tell it to start recording automatically once it starts?

In sequence, when the user clicks on “Record” in my app, I’d like to popup the front camera preview with an overlaid count-down (3…2…1…) and then switch from the cameraPreview to actually recording video. When the user clicks on stop at the end of his video recording, it would go straight back to the app instead of presenting native retry/save options.

Any ideas?

Should I hire someone to build a custom cordova plugin for this?

Step 1 would be to post a link to the plugin you are using. Then maybe we can actually look at it…

Any solution to this?