Video with Camera Plugin

I am using the ionic native camera plugin. Although the API doc says take picture or video with the plugin, I did not see any example of how to trigger he video. It does open the camera app and I can take pictures but the camera app open is a way that the video option is not available. Anyone know what am I missing here? Thanks

I believe you have to specify it in the options

For opening with the video I think you have to use the following option.

Camera.MediaType = 1

This will return an url to the video I believe. See here for more of the options and what they do.

EDIT: Ahh never mind, I think this is only for selecting videos. Sorry. Ill try to get back on it.

Hi dtaalbers,
Thanks for looking out for a solution. I was surprised once I got the image part done that I can’t do the videos with the same code. Even the docs of the plugin do not say you can record video with this plugin like the API doc mention.
I am wondering if another plugin is needed for video and if so which one do I use. There so much of V1 and V2 now on both angular and ionic that it gets little confusing.

Would the Cordova Media Capture Plugin work?

That’s what I did. I am using

All I have found is capturing video clips… does anyone know about plugin which provides video stream so I can put it into canvas and have control over it?

Something like this CanvasCamera plugin but working, and for android also :confused: