Added Capacitor & removed it. Appflow now giving Capacitor issues

Hi. I added Capacitor to my project a week ago, now I wanna go back to Cordova. I removed all the Capacitor packages etc and all references from my code but now I’m getting Capacitor errors when trying to build my iOS app using Appflow.

Appflow states that it’s a Cordova project

[23:58:56]: --------------------------------
[23:58:56]: --- Step: detect_native_type ---
[23:58:56]: --------------------------------
[23:58:56]: Checking if cordova or capacitor project
[23:58:56]: Cordova project detected

however I’m getting this error

[23:57:11]: Generating app manifest...
[23:57:11]: $ ionic deploy manifest
[23:57:12]: ▸ [ERROR] The webDir property must be set in the Capacitor configuration file (capacitor.config.json).
[23:57:12]: ▸ See the Capacitor docs for more information:

anyone got a solution? Thanks.