APP TYPE is blocking me from building ionic 3 cordova app

I’m trying to build an Ionic 3 cordova app in Appflow but when i create new app it automatically gets APP TYPE Capacitor and that brakes my build because it’s searching capacitor.config,json file. The error that i’m getting in the build proccess is the one below:
“native type is capacitor but capacitor.config.json is not available: this should not have happened”
Is there a way to change the APP TYPE of the app in Appflow?

Do you have a ionic.config.json file?
If so, does it contains something like this?

"integrations": {
    "capacitor": {}

If it has that, change it to “cordova”
if it doesn’t have the integrations object, add it but with cordova value

"integrations": {
    "cordova": {}

I have an ionic.config.json file and it allready has
“integrations”: {
“cordova”: {}
I assume that the problem occurs cause of APP TYPE, because i have created more Ionic 3 cordova apps in the past and all have APP TYPE “Ionic” and none of them displays the specific error in build proccess!

The App Wizard only builds Capacitor apps now. If you have an existing Cordova app (sounds like it?), then import it from your Git provider with New button → Import Existing App, then selecting Cordova. If you’d like to create a brand new Cordova app (though we highly recommend going with Capacitor, especially since it’s backward compatible), you’ll need to create it with the Cordova CLI or Ionic CLI then import it into Appflow.