Unable to detect capacitor.config.json

Hello everyone,

I know that Appflow is more ionic friendly. However, I have a capacitor project with Quasar Framework. And with quasar the capacitor.config.json is inside a subfolder (src-capacitor). The problem is that the build fails every time with the error “native type is capacitor but capacitor.config.json is not available: this should not have happened” and I know why cause is not in the root folder but I can’t change that (well I think I can’t find anything about that too). I try find a way to tell appflow to find the file in appflow’s doc but can’t find nothing about this subject. Can anyone tell me if it is possible or not do that? Thanks everyone for your time! Happy coding!

Well that I already know but in the Appflow site says that accepts any capacitor project (and quasar is one of them even if the structure is different). I just want tell before the build that the file is inside another folder I think is something that could really improve appflow.

It is a capacitor project since I have added capacitor to the project. It’s just like ionic is not a capacitor project until you add to the project. Look I just ask a question for my use if you don’t know don’t bother to reply thanks anyway.

May be it will help someone but looks like you need to add file capacitor.config.json at the root of your project

  "appId": "co.your.appname",
  "appName": "appname",
  "webDir": "www"