AbstractControl.value update delay

Hi there, I have a form and I need to update other items of that form depending on the fist form’s entry. So, I have a selection:
<ion-item [class.error]="!ID_PIN_TYPE.valid && ID_PIN_TYPE.touched"> <ion-label floating>{{'ID_PIN_TYPE' | translate:{value: param} }}</ion-label> <ion-select type="text" value="" [formControl]="ID_PIN_TYPE" (ngModelChange)="onSelectChange('ID_PIN_TYPE')"> <ion-option *ngFor="let item of pin_types" [value]="item.name">{{item.name | translate:{value: param} }}</ion-option> </ion-select> </ion-item>

and it’s sort of working but in onSelectChange I get only previous selection. What can i do about it? Thanks.

P.S. Using 37th ionic 2 beta.