Ion-Select value not being set when selected

I have the following in an angular application.

<ion-select class="select-type" [value]='selectedType' (ionChange)="selectedTypeOnChange(selectedType)" interface="popover">
        <ion-select-option value="All">All</ion-select-option>
        <ion-select-option *ngFor="let type of types" [value]="type">{{type}}</ion-select-option>

in my TS i have selectedType defined as

selectedType: string;

and on the ngOnInit

this.selectedEvent = "All";

however, when the (IonChange) event is fired, the selectedType is not updated with the value of the ion-select-option. What am I missing? Even the selectedType param passed in is showing ‘All’

Can you try getting this working with only Angular forms, either the [(ngModel)] or reactive kind, as documented here, and completely removing the (ionChange) handler?