Update select element value

Hello! I’m trying to update current value of ion-select by updating binded ngModel. But displayed value update only if i click on the select. Here the code:

  <ion-select multiple name="genreFilters" [(ngModel)]="genreFilters" (ngModelChange)="genreFilterChanged($event)">
    <ion-select-option [value]="genre" *ngFor="let genre of genresList">{{ genre.name }}</ion-select-option>

Page TS code:

genresList: Genre[] = [...LIST OF GENRES...];
genreFilters: Genre[] = [];
ngOnInit() {
    this.route.queryParams.subscribe(queryParams => {
        const genre = +queryParams.genres || null;
        if (genre) {
            for (const genre of this.genresList) {
                if (genre.id === id) {
                    return this.applyGenreFilter(genre);

applyGenreFilter(genre) {
    // Other logic...

I think you’ve omitted the important part of the code, but perhaps this post is relevant.

Also it looks like you’ve declared a constant genre as the query params, and then inside your if statement, you’ve reused the same named constant genre as your iterator in your for-loop