Ionic-select with pre-selected object option

Hi guys,

I have an object that has to be edited using a formcontrol. It works well with input fields, but I cannot figure out how to update an ionic-select field with the previous value if it’s an object.

I have to point out that the category field is an object also with the following format:

let catItem = {

The form is filled as following:

            console.log("Item category: "+this.category);
            let catChoice = this.cats.find(cat => === this.category );
              title: this.title,
              category: catChoice,
              due: this.due,
              dueHour: this.due +' '+this.dueHour,
              desc: this.desc,
            console.log("Form category: "+JSON.stringify(this.myForm.value['category']) );

I have also printed on console the value and is correct, but when I view the form the ionic-select is empty.

I have also tried to set individually the value with a setValue with no success (commented on the code), I tried also to put the or the, obviously with no success neither.

The select is filled as following:

<ion-select placeholder="Select Category" formControlName="category" required>
          <ion-select-option *ngFor="let cat of cats" value="{{}}">{{}}</ion-select-option>

Any idea why?