Is there a way to trigger ion-select label change?

Right now i’m filling my ion-select with a dynamic array of “questions.” Each question essentially has an id and a body of text. The ion-select sets sets the value to the id and the content to the question itself. Check code below.

          <ion-label>+ Question / Result</ion-label>
          <ion-select [ngModel]="negativeQRID" (ngModelChange)="negativeQRIDChange.emit($event)">
            <ion-option *ngFor="let option of qrIDOptions" [value]="">{{(option.text)}}</ion-option>

The problem is that after selecting the question to link to the text and id are set appropriately, but if i edit the text for the linked question it does not update in the ion-select box.

This ones a bit complicated to explain so I will leave you with a gif to hopefully clear everything up.

So far this is what is working. But it’s pretty dirty.

    let previousOption = this.negativeQRID;    
    this.negativeQRID = "next";
      this.negativeQRID = previousOption;

Would really love a better way :slight_smile: