Xcode/ios build problems with spaces in application name

I have an application that has two words in it’s name, e.g. My Application, so in my config.xml I have (had) this as the name property within the widget tab.

When I built ios on the mac, I noticed it created folders and files named with the space within the application name My Application . I was having problems with files not found etc. I then found some posting that suggested xcode does not handle spaces in file/folder names very well. When I changed the name to myapplication (all lowercase and no spaces), the problems all seemed to go away.

But from what I understand, the name in config.xml is how you app will show up on the home screen - though mine did still seem to have the original name (perhaps something was cached - I will try a complete clean tomorrow)

Has anyone else had problems with spaces and xcode? And if so how do we get the application name in config.xml without the built folder containing the space?

Thanks in advance for any info here.

Backup first then try this.
ionic platforms rm ios
ionic platforms add ios

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Thankyou! Removing and re-adding it now magically works! Cheers