[solved] Apostrophe title in config.xml


I have a problem when restoring my platform state when there is an apostrophe in the app name <name>Salons de l\'Etudiant</name> on ios. The xcode doesn’t work anymore when i rebuild the app.

Somebody have a solution ?


Actually, I also went through the same problem.

When I edited config.xml file <name> with spaces or extra character than alphanumeric. Then my app won’t get build or run.

So I kept the name without spaces and without extra symbolic character.

Maybe you also go through below thread to find solution that may fit your requirement. Try for both links. See which suits you better.


Followed https://calendee.com/2015/07/29/configuring-app-name-in-cordova-hybrid-apps/
Worked like a charm


Has anyone reported this as a bug to the Cordova team? Better than making a workaround. It is a bug, as the tool chain should generate correct data from config.xml that works for any particular platform.