CDVLaunchScreen.storyboard error when trying to build on mac

I have just setup a mac to test and deploy my ionic 2 application, and have the following error when attempting to do the first build…

... platforms/ios/__PROJECT_NAME__/CDVLaunchScreen.storyboard: error: Interface Builder could not open the document CDVLaunchScreen.s toryboard" because it does not exist.

Of course the folder __PROJECT_NAME__ does not exist, I am suspecting perhaps this is a variable that needs to be set somewhere?

I have done the ionic add platform ios, have xcode ionic, node cordova etc all installed.

Any one have any ideas of why I am getting the above error and how to fix?

Thanks in advance!

Finally got this resolved., There appeared to be a number of things causing it

  1. In config.xml name tag, the name has a space in it. The app does have two words in the name so this intentionally had the two words. I saw a post that said xcode won’t handle spaces so I changed to one word.

  2. I also had t manually set permissions on the xcode project files and all the parent folders to read/write

Added removed the platform, noticed created filenames had no spaces and it now all worked.

So, I am not sure how I am going to get the proper name (though the icon on the phone does show the original two word name - not sure where this has come from yet…

I have exactly the same problem. For me it used to build on ios, but after upgrading to ionic 3, it stopped. I do not have spaces in the name of the app. Are there any other reasons why this might happen?

Setting read & write permissions for everyone to the repo where the project was fixed it for me.