Xcode couldn't find a provisioning profile matching <myApp> - solved


Ionic can’t find the Xcode provisioning profile even though it’s there - really there - in Xcode. Any ideas?


the Ionic build continues to fail, running the build from Xcode seems to push new content. I’ll keep this thread updated.


Well, that worked for a while and now it doesn’t work.

I’m back to square 1 and don’t know what to do - right now it’s building with Xcode but the newest code doesn’t appear on my phone.


you have to build it from cli

$ionic build ios

Then, go to Xcode, Product->Clean
Product -> Build
Then, run it on your device.


Apparently I had specified the wrong iOS team in an element in config.xml. Fixing that solved the issue. Thanks!


which setting was it? I’m getting the same iOS error…