Error when trying to test Ionic app on iOS with xcode. Can't find provisioning profile

I am trying to test an ionic app on an iPhone but I don’t have a developer account.

I tried following all the steps here:

However, when I try to have xcode ‘Automatically manage signing’, I get the errors shown in the screenshot below. I also get the error: “Xcode couldn’t find a provisioning profile matching…”

What am I doing wrong? How do I make a provisioning profile? How can it say ‘No profiles were found’? Isn’t it supposed to make the profiles for me automatically?

I’m mainly concerned with the second error shown in this screenshot.


Ok, I figured out the solution to this issue. I disabled in-app purchases and then the other error went away as well. To disable in-app purchases, after clicking on the name of the app in xcode, select ‘Capabilities’ in the center section of the screen and then find In-App purchases to turn off.

i have the same issue but for push notifications. i tried disabling remote notif in capabilities tab but issue still persists. or do i need the paid account?