Windows Phone and latest Ionic RC 5 tungsten turkey

Hello together!

I read the changelog from beta magnesium mongoose to tungsten turkey today und saw multiple entries regarding windows phone, so I tried updating Ionic in my project to test how it’ll perform now on my windows phone 8.1 (I updated Visual Studio / Cordova too so not sure what’s responsible for what).

I’m aware that Ionic officially isn’t totally compatible with WP atm but basically the app now runs on my WP with mentioned updates, so maybe somebody can help me solving the remaining - hopefully minor - issues experienced on WP:

  • The WebWiev is too high and scrollable (including the header bar), you see about 1/4 of the top of the bottom tabs and you have so scroll down to see the wohle tab strip.

  • When changing different views (tabs) at some transitions an error occurs ($ionicInProgress or hit it’s called).

  • When building for “Windows Phone (Universal)” when the app starts:
    Unhandled exception at line 59, column 13 in ms-appx://conet.webmembers.stundenerfassung/www/cordova.js
    0x800a139e - JavaScript runtime error: module cordova/windows8/commandProxy not found

Unfortunately, I did somehow break it again :cold_sweat: :tired_face: The app is running but not much of app logic seems to be executed. I guess I didn’t really change anything instead of possibly something in the config.xml.
The UI responds to input but somehow no binding or actions depending on data storage work, it just shows the “empty UI” and every time interaction with the storage shall occur nothing happens (I guess a javascript error occurs and that was it).

Thanks for any suggestions!


I had the same problem after the power supply down.
I created a new project from start added again the external plugin and two .js files and index.html and ran!
it was a test program and the recover was fast.
After recover i took a project backup immediately!