Windows 10 Mobile slow app


I have tested ionic2 app and deployed on an iPhone, an Android Phone and on Windows10 as universal app.
The application runs very well for all these platforms.

But when I deploy on windows 10 Mobile on a Lumia 640, it’s not so good.
The app is working but UI transition seem slower as on the other platforms.

Has someone the same problem ?

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I add some more details .

When I use the <ion-slides pager>, I’m facing some slow transitions between slides, only on windows 10 mobile.
(The ionic app works very well as universal app on windows 10 and on other platforms).

Is it a problem with the browser on windows 10 for mobile ?
Is there something wrong with my code ?

<ion-content padding >
<ion-slides pager>

<ion-slide *ngFor="#page of HomePages; #homePageIndex = index">

        <div *ngFor="#Tile of Tiles[homePageIndex]">
                <ion-col >
                    <button class="buttonFunction">
                        <div id="captionContainer">
                            <div id="captionContainer-content">                                       
                                <span class="data-whiteCaption">{{Tile.Text}}</span>



Give it some time, Ionic 2 is still in alpha status.

In a meantime browse through reported Ionic issues here:

Open a new issue if you can’t find anything similar