Slider / Ion-slide laggy

Been facing some performance issues with the Ionic 2 Ion-slide which is the Swiper/Slider. On the desktop (ionic serve) it runs smoothly but on the mobile web version (on a phone) it becomes very unresponsive and laggy. However when all the page elements (outside of the slider) are removed it runs as intended. Currently it is about 7 Ion-items and it is lagging. Any ideas how to optimise the performance or make it faster? Thanks

Could you create a simple demo? I personally have not tested slider too much so there could be some issues, but a demo would help give us a better idea. You could make a smaller demo and push it to github.

I am also facing same error in windows phone 10 luma 950 . if u find any solution please provide it

I had the same issue. I thought it is on my device even after changing that was same. Code is nothing

    <ion-row pading>
      <ion-slides  dir="rtl" zoom="true">
        <ion-slide *ngFor="let images of post.attachLists ">
          <img src="{{images.filename}}" >


How can I share video ?