Will ionic work well on IOS 8?

Apple just announced iPhone6 with IOS8. Is Ionic prepared to this new release?
What’s your expectation?

Well iOS and iPhone6 isn’t out officially yet…

Still got some time to go…

But yeah we will support it. Remember, we are just the UI layer for app. The place where issues could come from is Cordova, but they’re pretty good about pushing release.


I’m currently developing in iOS 8 developer preview, and haven’t encountered any problems.

Just testet my ionic app with iOS8 on an iPhone5. Works perfect. But I think some fonts in my app have changed a bit.

@romandrast, thank you for the feedback.
Which ionic version are you using? I’m using 1.0.0.beta9? Should I update it?

You should always update it

I think it’s ok to update. I’m using Beta12, but there’s a bug with the modal which I’m not sure if it’s resolved in this version. It causes the app not to take any touch inputs anymore (this happen randomly, so it’s hard to reproduce) . But maybe other guys can confirm that this bug has been fixed?

I’m still using beta9 (update not worked) and it is working well on ios8!

I’m also using Beta12 and it’s working well for me. Worth noting that I’m not seeing the same issues with modals that @romanrast mentioned.