iOS 8 Support

Just wondering if anyone has any advice on this.

Working on a project right now where the customer would like to support iOS 8 devices. What are my options here? Cordova dropped support for iOS 8 - does that mean I cannot use the latest version of Ionic and would have to step back to the last version of Ionic that worked with an iOS supporting version of Cordova?

We’ve tried building to an iOS 8 device but the app won’t run so I am assuming the above issue (Cordova iOS 8 support) is what’s causing it.


I guess that’s why it probably isn’t running. I’m wondering, why does the client really want that support? I just checked some stats and only 0.5% of all iPhone users is still running on iOS 8, so it would be a pain in the ass to create a good hybrid app that’s still compatible with iOS 8 and do a decent job on it.

Some statistics about iOS usage can be found over here:

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Thanks @luukschoen - I asked the same question but at the moment the aim (if possible) is to support iOS 8.

Does damn clients… with their impossible/not feasible questions :smiley: What do you get from debugging/inspecting a build for iOS 8? Where does the app error out etc?

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Symbol not found: _NSDictionary0
Referenced from: /private/var/mobile/Containers/Bundle/Application/C65112A5-86DE-4C47-94B7-5AE9A73DA83E/
Expected in: /System/Library/Frameworks/CoreFoundation.framework/CoreFoundation
in /private/var/mobile/Containers/Bundle/Application/C65112A5-86DE-4C47-94B7-5AE9A73DA83E/

You can use whatever Ionic version you want - you just have to make sure to use a Cordova version (or cordova-ios verion to be exact) that still works with iOS 8. Cordova is installed globally, and when adding the platform (ionic cordova platform add ios) you can specify the version that should be used.

(Disclaimer: I am not aware of any functionality that Ionic uses that iOS 8 might not support. That doesn’t mean it does not exist though)

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Did this error occur with a clean starter project or with an already existing project? Could also give you some pointers. But I think @Sujan12 comment should be followed first, seems like a decent answer to me :wink:

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thanks @Sujan12 - I wasn’t aware of that option when adding a platform

@Sujan12 what exactly would that option be? I can’t see it in the docs? Or maybe I misunderstood what you meant?

See the “Examples” here:

cordova platform add android@^5.0.0

Just adapt that to the last cordova-ios version that supported the iOS version you want to support.


great, thank you for your help