iOS 11, Android 8, support status

Hello Ionic team

Is there any support/status regarding the new iOS 11 and Android 8 ? Are or when they will be supported by Ionic framework?


Ionic team isn’t really active around here, it is just us, the comminity.

What exactly is not working with iOS 11 or Android 8 right now?

Nothing in particular

I just wondering what is the official support - status from Ionic team regarding these new OSes.


If you want an official statement, you will have to contact support at Ionic team is not really active around here.

But in general it is “works by default” I think. There were minor issues with Cordova for iOS 11, but this is being worked on or already fixed. For Android 8 it was mostly Cordova plugins that had to be changed. Ionic itself didn’t show any specific problems I am aware of.

Thank you very much for your response