Will Crosswalk support for iOS ever be added?

Just wondering if you have any plans to add Crosswalk for iOS in Ionic?

I don’t think crosswalk is needed on iOS. The webkit web view is already updated and has fantastic performance. On iOS the hybrid app behaves like native, at least for me.

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Yeah, and as you can read – > you need iOS 8+… so it has no effect in my eyes. But @gaurav_ch as you can read the crosswalk implementation uses WKWebView and in the ordinary cordova universe the old uiWebView is used! Because of that we have that problems like the window.location issue https://gist.github.com/IgorMinar/863acd413e3925bf282c

Thank you for your comment but please in the future stick to answering the question rather than expressing your opinion. There are plenty of reasons to use crosswalk on iOS.

This is the question to the ionic team. Any comments about whether or not crosswalk support is planned would be greatly appreciated… Thank you

could anyone at all clarify … please ? :slight_smile: