Crosswalk with Ionic for iOS

Hi All,

I am trying to build a ionic app for iOS.

The problem i am encountering is… I am not able to add Crosswalk for iOS.

This article only talks about crosswalk/ionic for Android.

Is crosswalk not compatible for iOS. Because when i run

ionic browser ls

i get…

iOS - Browsers Listing:

Not Available Yet - WKWebView
Not Available Yet - UIWebView

Android - Browsers Listing:

Available - Crosswalk - ionic browser add crosswalk
	 Version Published
	 Version Published
	 Version Published
	 Version Published
	 Version Published
(beta)	 Version 13.42.319.6 Published
(canary) Version 14.42.334.0 Published

Available - Crosswalk-lite - ionic browser add crosswalk-lite
(canary) Version Published
(canary) Version Published

Available - Browser (default) - ionic browser revert android
Not Available Yet - GeckoView

why does it say that WKWebView is not available yet.

my current setup details are…

ionic - v1.7.8
xcode - 7.1

Please let me know how can i include the crosswalk plugin in my ios app.


It seems that right now the cordova only supports crosswalk for android, I’m not so sure if they are supporting crosswalk for iOS yet.

oh… ok… thanks for your answer…

And most important: You don’t really need Crosswalk for iOS, the iOS Webkit Browser is great, fast and fully compatible with latest standards.

Hello Everybody,

I have an question about it. I have an app that works well in one iphone 4s and another equal device (iphone 4s) I have an issue.

The main difference between them is only iOS version: works well on device running 9.3.2 and doesn’t work in 8.1.3. The device running iOS 8.1.3 has a lot of others apps installed.

The issue: after splash screen I received an white screen and app stops there forever.

Note: I had this same issue in some Androids but I fixed using crosswalk there.