Crosswalk + All platforms

I still don’t understand how can I use Crosswalk.

So if I understand correctly:

1 We could add the plugin

ionic plugin add cordova-plugin-crosswalk-webview

2 Remove Android platform and add again.

ionic platform remove android
ionic platform add android


Plus minus I understood it.
We can create crosswalk iOS project and move our code to the project. Required the Apple developer licence.
We can change the webview for iOS, however it doesn’t append a new API.
We can use 3th party libraries and fix some issues of Safari (for example: webcrypto-shim fixes Web Cryptography API)
We can stop supporting the dishonored Safari :rage:

My suggestion? Get rid of XWalk. You’ll start facing some issues when going to production, and this thing is 25Mb.

I wonder what you’ll say when you want to use modern technologies on obsolete Safari or Android below version 4.4

I do. I work with MathJax, that’s why I have the experience with XWalk. But was only my suggestion, you definitely can use it and I wonder what you will say when you launch your app.

Maybe … but probably I will not use it. The number of phones with Android below version 4.4 is rapidly decreasing. And the integration with iOS still has some limitations and problems.